O-phenylphenol ( CAS No.: 90-43-7)
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O-phenylphenol ( CAS No.: 90-43-7)


Molecular Weight: 170.21

CAS NO.: 90-43-7

Appearance: White Crystal Flakes. Slightly phenolic odor.

Applications: Strong bactericidal function, used as wood, leather, paper preservative and fruit and vegetable meat storage preservative. It is also used in the production of flame retardants, preservatives, dye carriers, surfactants, dye intermediates, cosmetics and for the production of advanced explosives.

Packing: 25Kg kraft bags or Packing as required.

Structural Formular:

Certificate of Analysis
Chemical Name o-phenylphenol
Date of Production 2021-10-30
Batch No. 21103041
Standard and Result
Item Standard spec. Result
Appearance White flake White flake
Assay 99.50%Min(GC) 99.89%(GC)
Melting point 56.0-58.0℃ 56.5-57.2℃
Water content 0.10%Max 0.02%
Conclusion: PASSED
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