QICHEN's plant is located in Zhanhua District, Binzhou City, Shandong Province which is a large province of the chemical industry chain. This city comes with rich industrial support, such as advanced technical resources, abundant material supply, huge production and storage capacity, all of which are leading in China.

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Qichen meet the needs of you with best cost-effective products ,convenient and feasible solutions.

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15,000㎡ for Binzhou plant. 30,000 tons annual output and 1,500m³ storage capacity. More than 6 branches and storage places in other cities of China.

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Come with rich chemical industrial support chain. Technical resources, material supply, production& storage capacity, all of which are leading in China.

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More than 20 years chemical experiences for most management team members.Could provide integrated solutions & services for our end users.


The company was founded in 2014


More than 180 solutions


More than 30 product categories


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Polyurethane green synthesis process: prepared from CO2 as raw material

Carbon dioxide is produced in large quantities as a by-product of many industrial processes, resulting in a sustained increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations above 420 ppm. This increase has raised serious concerns about climate change and prompted global efforts to mitigate its impacts.

Causes and solutions of yellowing of polyurethane sponge

The yellowing of polyurethane sponge has always been a problem that plagues sponge manufacturers and polyol manufacturers. Many sponge manufacturers, especially some high-end sponge manufacturers, have tried to improve the anti-yellowing performance of sponge by adding antioxidants and light stabilizers, but the results are not significant. In this article, we will analyze the causes of yellowing of sponge systematically based on the upstream and downstream characteristics of polyol and sponge production, and elaborate the corresponding solutions.

A brief introduction to flexible polyurethane foam

Flexible polyurethane foam is a polymer produced from the reaction of polyols and isocyanates. It is characterized by a cellular structure with low density, good elastic recovery, sound absorption, air permeability, heat preservation and other properties.