QICHEN's plant is located in Zhanhua District, Binzhou City, Shandong Province which is a large province of the chemical industry chain. This city comes with rich industrial support, such as advanced technical resources, abundant material supply, huge production and storage capacity, all of which are leading in China.

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Qichen meet the needs of you with best cost-effective products ,convenient and feasible solutions.

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15,000㎡ for Binzhou plant. 30,000 tons annual output and 1,500m³ storage capacity. More than 6 branches and storage places in other cities of China.

Special Plant Location

Come with rich chemical industrial support chain. Technical resources, material supply, production& storage capacity, all of which are leading in China.

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More than 20 years chemical experiences for most management team members.Could provide integrated solutions & services for our end users.


The company was founded in 2014


More than 180 solutions


More than 30 product categories


More than 100 Cooperative partners


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With the expansion of factory and the continuous improvement of production capacity, QICHEN company has increased its investment in R&D, introduced new equipments and a group of outstanding technical personnel, strengthened the R&D team, and committed to providing customers with better products, better technical support, more competitive prices, more convenient and efficient services~

Polyurethane spraying techniques

Polyurethane spraying is a new type of synthetic material with the integration of thermal insulation and waterproof functions. Because of its low thermal conductivity, light weight, good heat resistance, efficient insulation, good sealing, easy to bond with concrete, wall, wood and other substrates, no cracking, no shedding, no corrosion, etc. For various shapes of substrates, whether it is a plane, elevation or top surface, whether it is a round, spherical or other irregular shape of complex objects, can be  sprayed foaming processing directly. Therefore, it is often used in cold storage, exterior walls, walls, building insulation, equipment and pipeline insulation, storage tank insulation, breeding farms, steel structure workshops, light steel villas and other projects of thermal insulation and spraying construction.

Applications of Polyurethane elastomer CPU

Cast polyurethane (CPU) is the most widely used and most produced polyurethane elastomer. It is a process in which oligomeric polyols, isocyanates, and chain extenders (crosslinkers) are used as raw materials, react polyols with isocyanates to form low-molecular weight prepolymers at specific temperatures, and then add chain extenders to form cast polyurethane. Because of its superior comprehensive performance, a wide range of hardness, high strength and elongation, excellent wear resistance,etc, it is becoming more and more popular.