Polyurethane spraying techniques

Polyurethane spraying techniques

Polyurethane spraying is a new type of synthetic material with the integration of thermal insulation and waterproof functions. Because of its low thermal conductivity, light weight, good heat resistance, efficient insulation, good sealing, easy to bond with concrete, wall, wood and other substrates, no cracking, no shedding, no corrosion, etc. For various shapes of substrates, whether it is a plane, elevation or top surface, whether it is a round, spherical or other irregular shape of complex objects, can be  sprayed foaming processing directly. Therefore, it is often used in cold storage, exterior walls, walls, building insulation, equipment and pipeline insulation, storage tank insulation, breeding farms, steel structure workshops, light steel villas and other projects of thermal insulation and spraying construction.

So what are the techniques of polyurethane spraying? The following is a brief introduction to the three common spraying techniques:

The first technique is from the bottom to the top of the one-line spray molding method, which can reduce fatigue, improve efficiency, suitable for the keel spacing is relatively small part of the construction, but the flatness of the construction is more difficult to control.

The second technique is the left and right horizontal serpentine spraying method, because the polyurethane foam expands relatively quickly, the swing of the arm is required to be faster, which is easy to cause the fatigue of the construction personnel and the decrease in efficiency, but the effect of this spraying will be better.

The third technique is the paper-back frame spraying molding method, which is suitable for spraying the parts with wide keel spacing, can increase the bonding strength around the frame, and effectively reduce the penetration of air and increase the airtightness of the whole system, but the efficiency is also not high.