Applications of Polyurethane elastomer CPU

Applications of Polyurethane elastomer CPU

Cast polyurethane (CPU) is the most widely used and most produced polyurethane elastomer. It is a process in which oligomeric polyols, isocyanates, and chain extenders (crosslinkers) are used as raw materials, react polyols with isocyanates to form low-molecular weight prepolymers at specific temperatures, and then add chain extenders to form cast polyurethane. Because of its superior comprehensive performance, a wide range of hardness, high strength and elongation, excellent wear resistance,etc, it is becoming more and more popular.

The wide range of applications as below:

 Machinery industry

CPU is used in various types of transmission belts, bushings and oil bladders, rolling rubber rollers, wear-resistant linings, rolling rubber rollers, bulldozer drive wheels, various wear-resistant, oil-resistant, shock-absorbing seals, etc.

Textile industry

CPU is used in artificial leather, artificial deer skin, fiber drawing rubber rollers, textile rubber rollers, false twisters, chemical fiber pelletizing rubber rollers, shoe-making adhesives, paper and grain processing rubber rollers, textile speed wheels, sofa cushions and cushions, soft foam mattresses, high-end furniture, refrigerator insulation and sewing machine belts, etc.

Oilfield, coal and mining industries

CPU is mainly used as insulation materials in oil fields, coal mines and mines, oil pipelines, oil storage tanks, high and low pressure oil tanks, lining of pipelines, hydraulic support seals, mud pumps, wear-resistant linings for hydropower pots, conveyor belts and supporting rollers.

Construction engineering field

CPU is used in adhesives, finishing agents, carpets, resilient flooring, simple pavement materials, cold and moisture protection materials for houses, waterproofing materials, cold storage wall materials and caulking materials, etc.

Transportation and railway industry

CPU is mainly used in steering wheels, cushions, dashboards, bumpers, cushions, buffers, etc. In terms of transportation and --- railways, there are baffles, cold pads for passenger cars, dock fenders, locomotive pin sleeves, shock absorbing pads under train sleepers, oil rings and solid tires for locomotive fuel tanks.

Medical industry

The newly developed varieties of medical polyurethane elastomers are also more and more widely used. Such as polyurethane artificial kidneys, plasma pumps, plasma bags, prostheses, contraceptives, artificial hearts, artificial meninges and blood vessels.

Other industries

CPU can also be used in printed circuits, motorcycles, current transformer housings, non-sealing strips, hydraulic generator blade hangings, bicycle saddles, circuit boards, wear-resistant linings for ash pumps, planed materials, water seal rings and tapes.

At present, China has become the world's main producer of CPU, and Qichen has been committed to the R&D and production of CPU raw materials, contributing to the development of domestic cast polyurethane (CPU).